Please compare Architecture VS Civil Engineer tasks in general?

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2020-04-06 21:25

Architecture and Civil Engineer are both vast fields with many specializations and career paths.

Both the Architect and Civil Engineer take the role of designing structures that relates with human life and activities.
The Architects designs and develop shelters for human to live in. While the Civil Engineer designs and develops facilities for making human activities much more convenient.

In some cases the Civil Engineer comes in the assisting role of the Architect. Like the case of building construction where an Architect would be the mastermind of the project and the Civil engineer in this case the Structural Engineer would assist the Architect to ensure safety of the inhabitants of the constructed building.

In other cases the Civil Engineer is independent and becomes the mastermind of the whole project.

Architectural designing is done through a process of collecting information from the owner of the project and create spaces and ensure that those spaces are functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in. While the Engineer designs by taking existing information and perform mathematical calculations to ensure human safety.

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