How to capture your screen in Windows 10, without any software?

Mahir El Haj
2018-09-01 23:44

When it come to capture screen its easy and it is just a shortcut. but to record your screen normally you need a software. 

Here is a list of software where you can record your Screen and edit them:

First set at powerful software but you need to buy them.

1. Movavi Screen Capture

2. Camtasia Studio  ( I Prefer this ) 

3. Smartpixel Pro

4. WM Capture


This Other set are for free and can help to capture your screen.

1. VLC

2. Quicktime

3. Filmora

4. Windows 10 Game Bar


With Windows 10 Game Bar you can capture and record your screen and its free without any watermarks.

First On the Menu Screen you have to lauch XBOX Live.



When this green XBOX live screen opens 

Click and hold on the keyboard "START + G". A new window will apear to confirm if you want to open the game bar or not.

If you select "Yes, this is a game"

Another bar will apear to start recording your screen which is shown below.

Click the Red Button and start recording your screen.

Normally the file saved in your Profile folder under Videos. A Capture Folder will contain your videos.

Note : Keep in mind that whatever window you open it will record only within that window. But if you minimize or exit that window the recording will stop.

This solution was made for games recording and publishing your walkthrough.


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